Winter is a beautiful season like any other, and full of good wishes if we can see them. Even if the harvest is postponed to July and sowing is still not known how it will develop, there is an inner movement of hope. Meanwhile, the confidence that the coming seasons will be rich and that will reward our efforts is being cultivated.

It is usually experienced as a dark season, but not by us.

In Borgo Piazza the winter Shine like all the other seasons, and its “luccicanza” – shining,  lasts until that of spring, increased by the refraction of the sun in the rain when there is, and in the force of the wind that sweeps away uncertainties and fears.

Here in Borgo Piazza, light and wind never fail to keep the air, the sea and even the countryside clean.

The walks become sparkling and make us enjoy even more of the delicious winter dishes of our kitchen.

Today we give you a gift, we give you a bright look on the village of this season: our new you tube trailer while we are  waiting for the winter energy boost to show … slowly … In all its beauty towards the spring time.

Every season is good to come and visit us and enjoy a wonderful holiday in Calabria.

Now it’s time!

Come!! And subscribe on our YOU TUBE CHANNEL AGRITURISMO BORGO PIAZZA, while whatching our video as slow a “meditation”    with a wonderful music!


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