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With organic certification, the farm is mainly engaged in the production of extra virgin olive oil in all its phases but many other cultivations spread on the vast 44-hectare estate: citrus trees (navel oranges, clementines  and Marzaioli mandarins, lemons, yellow and pink grapefruits, cedars), sour cherries, almond, medlar, mulberries, several varieties of grapes, fejoie, India figs, white and black figs, lotuses.

From all this wonderful fruit varieties derive our tasty jams, sublime juices, jellies, purees for baby line.



The organic honey produced in the farm comes from our flowers and essences and the same is for our curative macerated: oleolites of laurel berries, lavender, helichrysum, calendula; alcoholates of lavender, melissa; handcrafted elixirs and syrups where the flavors of our land are concentrated.

Flour, tomato sauce and preserves in oil come from the organic cultivation of the estate; our vegetable gardens are cultivated without any use of chemical preparations and provide our restaurant with seasonal vegetables and greens.

All these productions require periodic operations: pruning, shredding, cleansing, soil nourishment, sowing and reaping mark our days in the different seasons. All year long we share this work with students of all ages, social and entertainment centers, passionate adults and tourists. The herbs laboratory, the small olive cold-press, the winery, the wood oven, the laboratory for processing of vegetables and greens can be visited all year round and every season offers different opportunities.


We want to share our way of life and our love for Nature in all its manifestations. Though the bucolic experience this landscape speaks intimately of other possible dimensions for a more sustainable life.

We can sell our products directly in the Farm to visitors but we also offer the possibility of delivered orders.


Working Holiday Exchange:

June: Wheat harvest

July / August: harvest of tomatoes for sauce, corn-cobs, lavender and helichrysum, drying and manufacturing of oleolites and alcoholates

September: almonds and grape harvest

October: olive harvest, oil production

December / March: Citrus harvest

January / March: pruning trees and vineyards



Electricity consumption is controlled by low-power lamps and LEDs, timers, and sensor technology. There is photovoltaic system for use on site and all organic waste is converted in compost or used to feed chickens, rabbits and cats who inhabit the estate.

The treatment of sewage in fito-depuration is another key point of our ecologic approach and we made also interventions on original deep erosions which have been transformed into valleys for arboreal plants, basins for the collection of rainwater and to adjust the outflow.



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Marco Marcello Ponterio (Orto sinergico – permacultura) – Cell.  +39 3925108591

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