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Certified by “Suolo and Salute”, the organic farm is mainly engaged in the production of extra virgin olive oil in all its phases.

It is our Liquid Gold! The harvest is carried out with ancient and traditional methods, and without mechanical tools, so as to respect the ancient olive groves of our estate. Cold pressing, moreover, preserves its properties and “sincerity”.

For years our oil has been appreciated by our customers near and far: indeed, it is  used for the preparation of our recipes in the restaurant of the Borgo and sold on the spot, but now we permanently ship throughout Italy and abroad, also in association with other seasonal products of ours, always from traditional and organic agriculture. We like the idea of establishing a direct relationship with our customers, whether they are local or more distant, and not “only” a business relationship.

But many other cultivations spread on the vast 44-hectare estate: citrus trees (navel oranges, clementines and Marzaioli mandarins, lemons, yellow and pink grapefruits, cedars), sour cherries, almond, medlar, mulberries, several varieties of grapes, fejoie (precious tropical fruit with curative and preventing proprieties), India figs, white and black figs, lotuses.

From all this wonderful fruit varieties derive our tasty jams, sublime juices, jellies, purees for baby line.

The organic honey produced in the farm comes from our 100% organic flowers and essences and the same is for our curative macerated: oleolites of laurel berries, lavender, helichrysum, calendula; alcoholates of lavender, melissa; handcrafted elixirs and syrups where the flavours of our land are concentrated.

Also the flour from ancient wheat, the tomato sauce and all preserves in oil come from the organic cultivation of the estate; our vegetable gardens are cultivated without any use of chemical preparations and provide our restaurant with seasonal vegetables and greens.

Prodotti Biologici in Calabria

We sell our products directly in the Farm to visitors but we also offer the possibility of free home delivery (for purchasing orders in the area of Catanzaro).


Elvira Ponterio (didactic laboratories and officinal herbs) – Cell. +39 3497811695
Marco Marcello Ponterio (synergic vegetable garden – permaculture) – Cell.  +39 3925108591

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