We must confess it: we always have a special regard for children.

Celebrating their birthday at the Borgo means giving them a fun and unforgettable experience: a rich and healthy sweet/savoury buffet together with one of the offered game trails. You can choose among:

  • The Indian Village

3 real Tepees and other installations recreate a small but true Indian Village. The celebrated child and his/her companions will experience a day as real American Indians used to live. A unique adventure.

  • The Village of Gnomes and the Miniature Village

The little ones will discover the secret houses where the gnomes live, they will help to build new ones and they will experience the magic of our Miniature Village by getting introduced to its friendly inhabitants…

They will enjoy team role-playing games between the Tree Houses and the Pirate Galleon and also the creative laboratory in the Tinker Bell’s Caravan. Fun guaranteed!

  • Treasure Hunt of the Borgo

Starting from the ancient map of Captain Don Peppino, the children, divided into teams, will be guided, together with our animals, in search of the famous treasure and its wonders.

  • Agriparty Inside (indoor solution and in case of bad weather)

The face painting will prepare the little spectators to invent and interpret a funny story. The curtain of the Puppet Theater will open with guaranteed laughter for everyone. To follow, many other original games for an unforgettable party.

You can have more details of the entertainment programs, catering and any other additional solution you wish at our email address ( or telephone (contact +39 349 78 11 695)