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Contemporary women travel either for business or other needs, but do not always find dedicated and adequate tourist services.

We, the women of Borgo Piazza, we know how difficult it is, especially for working women, to go on holidays and in protected environments and we want to give particular emphasis to the reception of women who travel: single or in couples, mothers with small children or just born ones, female managers, or simply… women, without any need for further specifications. The road of women travellers throughout history is made up of long and difficult achievements. Only in the mid-eighteenth century women who had the cultural resources, family and economic support, began to face the world alone. Like Alexandra David-Neel: English writer, Buddhist, Western first lady to enter the forbidden city of Lhasa disguised as a Tibetan pilgrim, and known as a pioneer of the journey of knowledge for reasons of research, well-being and even spirituality; but free … and feminine.

Nowadays in the third millennium there are over 1.400.000 women travelling alone with an increase of 70 per cent in the last ten years.

Beside special offers, services for beauty through affiliated partners, the pick-up at the Airport or Railway Station, wellness services specifically thought for travelling women, we are always at your disposal to assist you during your stay in Borgo Piazza, also with a dedicated telephone number (for who comes alone and wants to feel safer). The service therefore includes, on request at the time of booking, according to availability, a particular check-in, with a moment dedicated to wellbeing and stress management or help with children, if they are travelling with you.

“Welcome to Calabria” is also a project introduced to local institutions, so as to take steps to hold up a special attention to female tourists without any ethnic or social discrimination and it is proposed and co-managed by the Association Donne in Cammino of Catanzaro.


For information and support please call Donatella (Supervisor Psychologist) at +39 3465833377


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