Built in the early 2000s with ancient stones and with a capacity of about 100/120 people, our amphitheater is an important and symbolic trace of our history; it is not the first one of the Ponterio family but an ideal continuation of the wider amphitheater still present and operative in the Blanca Cruz Village, a former property of the family in the Bay of Caminia, a few km from the Borgo.

Peppino Ponterio, the founder, loved the Theater and the Classical world so much that he made of it one of the activities of the Family Foundation. Theater is representation, it is catharsis; it is a staging of our History and our stories, of our present and future horizons. It is that mask that basically we all wear a little: sometimes as a burden and sometimes with more levity. But it is also play, entertainment and lightheartedness. In few words: it is life! Just as the “Blanca” amphitheater has hosted shows, games and dances for 40 years, its heir in the Borgo has also inherited this vocation. Moreover, it is a fundamental meeting point for groups and school groups of the Educational Farm.

It is therefore an open and welcoming space, perfectly suited for your events: parties and celebrations, birthdays and everything else you want to experience in this splendid setting. A setting that recalls -not by chance- the one of the nearby Scolacium Archaeological Park, where there is also an ancient and suggestive Roman Theater together with the remains of the only amphitheater of Ancient Rome in Calabria. That is to say: coming to Borgo Piazza means placing your feet and your gaze exactly where the Greeks and Romans put theirs long ago.


Our Amphitheater is ideal for


  • Parties, dances and, in general, live music. Its natural acoustics minimize the need for amplification.
  • Theater performances and small concerts
  • “Cultural arena” for debates, presentations, conferences, conventions
  • Shows, exhibitions, installations and “live” artistic activities
  • Cineforum
  • Physical and/or spiritual activities such as yoga



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