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Surrounded by olive groves and green countryside, our private Chapel is located in a stunning panoramic location overlooking the Gulf of Squillace.

Inside the building, the essential altar and the stained glasses remember the phases of agricultural work together with folkloristic arts and crafts.

The earthenware tiles on the exterior, the vault and the floor of the room characterize one of the most interesting private chapels in the area, ideal for ceremonies where the element of location is crucial. The pink light of the poor stonework and mortar with which the chapel has been carefully constructed using every piece of brick of ancient workmanship and the golden sands of the place, it acts as a mirror of our sunsets.






Beside what it represents, this Temple is important because it was the “first stone” of Borgo Piazza. Columns, beams and arches that lead structure were pulled upward by Master Vitaliano, Master Giovanni, Master Peppino and several others, with humble and ancient craftsmanship, reiterating a physical effort that Giuseppe Ponterio had always considered as a prayer. On the parvis there are two columns symbolizing together incompleteness and continuation of the work of a lifetime.



Who arrive at Borgo Piazza immediately understand his hospitality  vocation. Every corner of the estate, the pool area reserved and set between the pine trees and the sea, in addition to its indoor facilities, as the Private Chapel, they are the ideal location for small and large events.
In the spirit of the manufacturer, the place lends itself to multiple uses but always in the purpose of Peace Research. There can take place civic marriages, multi-faith ceremonies, collective prayers, meditations, prayers with the body such as Yoga or traditional celebrations.
According to our vision of Creation, humans keep a  Sacred side also inside. We human make sacred the places when sites like this are built for love of Sacrum.


Borgo Piazza is located in the countryside, with a wide outdoor area in large spaces. It has an indoor meeting hall for events and banquets, but the estate is available in all its corners. We like that the decorations and the furniture recall as much as possible the simple richness of Nature and that in their magnificent simplicity, they  only remain the backdrop of your emotions and your celebration choice.

Through the interview with the Borgo staff and with those in charge of catering, we can identify this frame we call “Country” in its most joyful sense.

Depending on the number of people we can ensure internal organization, but also the best food catering to suit your needs.

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