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When you arrive at Borgo Piazza you immediately enter a beauty & wellness program, since your check-in. We try to keep what Nature has arranged in this splendid corner of the world, so as to offer it to the enjoyment of all the five senses.

The connection with the nature of the Borgo, its microclimate tipical of Mediterranean scrub, immersed in the scents of the earth (surrounded by medicinal herbs and balsamic pine forests) and the nearby sea: all these elements nourish the clear and fragrant air at any time of day and night. This inebriation, together with the re-discovery of “slow rhythms”, will open you up to a new relationship with yourself: as per the most modern research on health prevention, the relationship with nature makes you happier and healthier and can prevent or treat the stress by significantly contributing to maintaining the state of psychophysical health.


Our bodies have their own natural cycles and they are not separated from those of the environment we live in. The human body follows a rhythm in synchrony with the seasons and when it moves from them it suffers and doesn’t work as it should.

In agricultural traditions and in most of the female traditions in the whole world, this wisdom was well accepted and known. Seasons were respected not only for cultivation but also in relationships and in people’s everyday life.

Borgo Piazza customs belong to this and we don’t want to forget it. We host activities connected with the world of personal growth and health; here is the ideal place where you can find those rhythms, celebrate season transition rituals and employ them for personal wellbeing. It may seem a complex approach, or too “alternative”, but it is much simpler than you can imagine. Come and visit us and you will feel it for yourself.


Here are some activities:


  • Walking Meditation in Nature
  • Trekking and Nordic Walking in the Borgo Paths
  • Paths of Aware Walk: based on Green Mindfulness, which can be defined as a condition of intense awareness and presence to oneself, and which you can more easily and effectively attain in Nature, according to the most modern approaches of eco-psychology. Immersed in the natural environment and its energy, both the body and the mind regenerate and absorb this energy with well-being effects that affect the person as a whole.


The Nature of the Borgo is in this sense “perfect” and ideal: the essential common denominator of these paths. Try to imagine centuries-old and monumental oaks and corks under whose branches you can relax and recharge, with activities aimed at taking from the plants and the 5 elements the beneficial effects for the immune and the nervous system: this has been widely demonstrated by the medical-forest science and eco-psychology.


Imagine yourself right there… and you will immediately feel better.



Other activities:


  • Dance-movement-therapy with the 5 elements
  • Yoga and relaxation in the middle of Nature
  • Ceremonies/Rites of Passage for the main events of women, men, couples, boys and girls, and families.


In our facility, it is thus possible to request advice for specialized and customized courses, carried out by psychological health professionals with the use of relaxation techniques in harmony with Nature. The goal is always the same: to disconnect from the “noise” and everyday disorder, to take a break from them, and to re-connect with oneself and with the environment, so as to find oneself stronger because they are significantly closer to “one’s own nature”.


Why coming to Borgo Piazza is “good” for you

One main reason is the landscapes that you can see from the Borgo. Each point along our paths invites to reflection and contemplation. The observation of a landscape goes far beyond the “gaze”: it is a balm for the spirit, working like meditation, as neurosciences have proved. However, each person reacts differently to stirring. For someone, some relaxing music or petting one of our cats may be enough, while for other ones visual stimuli are needed, such as a sunset or sunrise. Or an immersion in the blue of the swimming pool surrounded by greenery.

Spacing with the gaze activates ancestral memories and triggers a deep sense of freedom: in our DNA we have memory of the landscapes of the earth and of our bond with it. Landscapes are powerful “activators” of these memories.

Observing a landscape also requires full concentration and can help to avoid the arrival of negative thoughts that often disturb us. In front of a landscape, you can manage to remain still for a few minutes, pleasantly alone with yourself, thus reaching a state of deep equilibrium and therefore interrupting the circuit of stress.

 The other positive effect that arises from the vision of a beautiful landscape is the full activation of the visual circuit which stimulates the memory of positive moments. This generates the production of internal opiates (endorphins and oxytocin, hormones of good mood), which produce well-being. The landscape can therefore be enjoyed as a real “natural medicine” and it is exactly the experience that we guarantee you at Borgo Piazza, together with all the other experiential/sensory and educational activities.

 For more information about this activity and for booking, please contact Donatella Ponterio (Supervisor Psychologist) at +39 346 5833377 and and even before your arrival you can plan your own itinerary!



We can offer you a list of partner aesthetic centres and professionals for specific beauty treatments, massages, osteopathy and holistic techniques for adults and children.

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