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Re-connect to Nature

When you arrive at Borgo Piazza you immediately enter a beauty & wellness program, since your check-in.


Our body has his own natural cycles and they are not separated from those of the environment we live in. The human body follows a rhythm in synchrony with the seasons and when it moves from them it suffers and doesn’t work as it should.

In the agricultural traditions and in most of the female traditions in the whole world, this wisdom was well accepted and known. Seasons were respected not only for cultivation but also in relationship of everyday life.

Borgo Piazza customs belong to this. We host activities connected with the world of personal growing and health; here is the ideal place where you can find those rhythms and celebrate season transition rituals and employ them for personal wellbeing.

You can ask for a consultation for specialized itineraries with psychological wellness professionals who employ relaxing techniques in harmony with Nature.


The first psychological counseling at your arrival is totally free! It consists in an interview in which you can describe your requirements and needs for your body and soul during your holiday in our Agritouristic resort. In this way you will enjoy at the maximum your staying and you will go back home totally refreshed!

According to the first check-in, specific itineraries will be activated for you and may include:

  • Emotional Itineraries
  • Relaxing Itineraries throughout the five senses and the use of officinal herbs from our estate
  • Psychophysical relaxing itineraries in Nature and Water
  • Walking Meditation
  • Dance & Movement therapy and Argentian Tango for individuals and groups
  • Guiding seminars on health and nutrition in coordination with the farm activities
  • Wellness week-end and week
  • Residential courses

Ask for our offers and more information on specialized itineraries!


We can offer you a list of agreed aesthetic centers and professionals for specific beauty treatments, massages and holistic techniques and, on request, also hair dresser service.

Please contact Donatella Ponterio at +39 346 5833377 and even before your arrival you can establish you own itinerary!

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