Our company has always adopted a policy of respect and reuse of environmental resources: we control the consumption of electricity with the use of low-power lamps and LEDs, timers, twilight lamps and sensor technology.

We are equipped with photovoltaic and thermal systems, which produce electricity and heat on site.

All our organic waste is converted in compost or used to feed chickens, rabbits, and cats in the estate.

The raw sewage is treated with Phytodepuration.

Throughout interventions on the dynamics of the soil, deep original erosions have been transformed into valleys for arboreal plants, or into basins built for the collection of rainwater and to regulate its outflow. You can have a demonstration by our artificial lake, which is used for the irrigation of the estate, apart from being as beautiful as an impressionist painting.

An enormous, tiring and complex job of recovery and enhancement, which was started by the founder Peppino Ponterio and which is still carried out with the same passion as always. With love. In the awareness that you cannot be perfect: never! But it’s always possible to humbly try to perfect yourself! And that’s what we try to do every day.


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