We want to try to reach virtually all those who know and follow us, and who are certainly ready to return to enjoy nature and the services that we will offer with dedication.

Here in Borgo Piazza we have never stopped, indeed we continue to carry on our activities relentlessly, both because nature does not allow us to stop, given that its cycles are in perpetual motion, especially since no human presence hinders its becoming , but we are also in business to be ready with the right measures and adjustments necessary when this health emergency has subsided.

We are in full economic criticality, as you can well imagine, but at the same time in Borgo Piazza we enjoy the opportunity to stay in the midst of Nature, this precious asset that we can’t wait to re-share with you. A good that we are savoring at the moment and that overwhelms us, finally imposing its rhythms, which are not made of schedules, but of seeds, plants and fruits ripening; perceptions … of the wind, sun, humidity; the sounds of all the animals, not disturbed by the passage of the machines …. a Paradise that we want to protect and protect more and more, because it is precious for all of us who live there and you who will come.


We firmly believe that part of the health care for the prevention of Covid-19, after the “PHASE 1”, is precisely to return to frequent the natural environments that have proven benefits on physical and mental health. In particular, contact with the elements (air, sunlight, wind, land and sea water) is fundamental to activate some important basic biological functions.
(On this topic you will soon receive more news from our health experts, on how to SAFE and gradually get in touch with the outside world).

There is a new scenario and a new road to draw, certainly better than the one that has brought us here, and we are ready to accept this challenge and keep a contact with all of you.

For this purpose we thought of creating a “Diary of Borgo Piazza” by telling our daily activities with the photos and other small surprises: the ordinary maintenance works, the care of the garden, the birth of the new kittens, the educational workshop. We will also inform you about the groups of recovery from stress and reconnection with natural environments.

Just Borgo Piazza through its experts has become the promoter of Calabria as an anti-Covid-19 destination because we have the privilege of enjoying large spaces of unspoiled nature and kilometers (over 800) of beautiful and open white beaches.

We are ready to draw a new holiday concept where the undisputed protagonist is Nature that heals the body, mind and soul, therefore we ask you to stay connected with us, to dream of your holidays and to follow us on our fb page ( @AlBorgoPiazza) and on the instagram profile (borgo_piazza).

Looking forward to meeting you again in person!

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