Jujuba is the fruit produced by the jujube plant, whose scientific name is Ziziphus jujuba. It is a small shrub from Asia, which has spread over the centuries in the Mediterranean countries and in Italy.
The plant can survive harsh winters, with temperatures well below freezing, but it is at the end of a nice hot summer that gives very good fruits, rich in vitamin C and perfect to prepare for winter sickness.
They can be eaten fresh immediately after harvesting or they can be kept for a long time by drying them or putting them in the spirit; they can also be used to prepare jams and syrups, or as an ingredient to fill dried desserts and biscuits.
In the case of jujube the reason for their rarity is that there is no intensive cultivation and production is restricted to a family environment.
The Ponterio family, thanks to the love and respect for the uncontaminated nature, in Borgo Piazza, jealously guards some plants.

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