Well-being follows the flow of the heart not of time, and autumn is a gentle season for walking, being in the midst of nature at a slow pace and with an acceptable temperature.
These are the first days of the new year of work after the summer, a bit everywhere, and in Borgo Piazza, in a mild climate and a sideways light reflected from the sea, the walking coaching and walking meditation sessions resume in the middle of the nature within the framework of Psycho-physical Wellness activities always available by appointment.
In harmony with the cycles of nature, the psychological lifecoaching sessions all end at Her, the great oak, the Master Tree of Borgo Piazza, Guardian of the Place, placed on the most beautiful terrace we have on the Ionian sea. Individually or in groups you can ask to be followed for an inner journey right here in the Borgo.
Experimenting with new rhythms is possible, whether you are a company or a manager, or a mother.

Remember: Stress is never mandatory. You may find that it is not inevitable!

Donatella Ponterio




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