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In Borgo Piazza children are kept into big consideration! Under the guide of expert operators, they will have the opportunity to experiment different activities in direct contact with nature, they will participate to agricultural everyday activities, take care of the vegetable garden, learn how to recognize and collect officinal herbs, look after our farm animals.
Moreover, they will create little artistic handcrafts, herbariums and little houses in our Science-Art-Nature laboratories.

They will have the possibility to explore the surroundings with different eyes, make excursions in the country and seaside; experiment simple and healthy receips with products from our vegetable garden, attend to bread preparation, wine, olive oil, honey and simple fitotherapeutic productions.

In the estate there is an equipped entertainment area for children where they can free their own fantasy.




Useful contacts

Elvira Ponterio (didactict laboratories and officinal herbs) +39 3497811695
Marco Marcello Ponterio (synergistic vegetable garden – permaculture) +39 3925108591









fatt3The didactic laboratories and all the recreetional activities dedicated to children or the entertainment for special events, parties and birthadays are organized in cooperation with Santo Stefano Association, as for the educational and social projects linked to Agriculture.







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