Children at Borgo Piazza

A holiday on a farm, for the little ones it means joy to run at breakneck speed, without encountering dangers, running until the legs feel like it and rolling on the grass; for adults it will be a unique opportunity to bring their children closer to nature, to learn to love and respect it, to get to know the animals, the rhythms of the countryside and to educate them to taste.
Various activities will allow children to learn while having fun, with real educational paths designed for them: they will discover new pleasures and new flavors. They will be able to create, with their hands, small artistic creations, herbariums, miniature houses in our laboratories of science – art – nature. They will have the opportunity to explore the surroundings with different eyes, making excursions to the countryside and to the sea; to experiment with simple and healthy recipes with the products of our garden, to assist in the preparation of bread, the production of wine and oil, the extraction and the creation of simple herbal preparations.
In Borgo Piazza certainly does not lack a fun area entirely dedicated to children:
The pirate park
The pirate ship, the tree houses and Trilli’s trailer, allow children to dream with open eyes.
An equipped space where children can freely play, and give free rein to their imagination …